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Art stimulates the human senses as well as the human mind and spirit, so an artwork is normally assessed in quality by the amount of stimulation it brings forth. Mirceaís art plays with your senses in such a way, that you find yourself feeling self conscious, sad, fascinated and ecstatic at the same time.

At their best, his works suggest essence and tension.

- Andra Morariu & Bogdan Ionita -

About the artist

As an artist, Mircea Tocaci is a perfectionist. As a person, he is a dreamer, rather mysterious, charming and gregarious. He is an idealist, a bohemian, and all who visit his studio notice a dense a spiritual atmosphere that the artworks lent to the space. He sees the marvelous in everything and talking to him is a real treat.

As an art teacher, he always tries to inspire his students while not pressuring them, and he is always open to suggestions. His worldview values differentiating surface from profoundness, he seeks the true values in human beings and tries to capture them in his work. His interests run from science to music, from literature to philosophy.

- Andra Morariu -

About his art

The artistís sculptures concentrate on the human form, witch he sees as an abstracted, non-literal representation, and shows his intention to depict not the outer form but the idea, the essence of things. Mirceaís vision is imaginative and passionate, his art generates enthusiasm because of the emotional power captured in it. His sculptures initiate a connection between what is tangible and intangible, between what is simplistic in its reality and the unlimited possibilities of intuitive imagination. His works describe the human being in itís natural state, in itís uniqueness and each sculpture reflects the artistís view on life. There is a perfection of form in his sculptures which stirs the mind to focus on inner feelings, his art induces a trance-like state of mind.

Mirceaís sculptures suggest the frailty of the human being in a turbulent and virtuosic style, not paying any attention to convincing details of anatomy.

"The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity."

- Alberto Giacometti -

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